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More on characters

More character development spinning. Feel free to join in.

The couple that are thinking about going monogamous, are also trying to get pregnant. They’ve got baggage to unload about polyness being incompatible with parenthood. But they haven’t had any success in getting pregnant, and it’s starting to become a stressful issue for them. There is a scene where the female fails another home pregnancy test, and practically falls apart on the shoulder of the one who does end up being pregnant (these two are very close).

The one who does end up being pregnant starts the film as her fluffy bouncy usual self, jumping from bed to bed, but we get slight hints that she isn’t feeling 100%. After her friend fails her pregnancy test, she takes one herself in private, and it’s here that she discovers that she’s pregnant. Her personality changes completely as the seriousness of her situation overwhelms her. No one can understand what’s wrong with her, and after a while the transgendered is the person is the one she confides in (we also might just see her looking at the home pregnancy test after her friend fails it, and remain in the dark as much as the other characters as to her personality shift until she confides). When she comes out to the group, her relationship to the one who wants to be pregnant is seriously strained.
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