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Hi polybifilm people. I just joined your wee band. The idea of a poly/bi narrative has been churning in me noggin for a while and as I also work in the land of film production (where dreams are swapped/crushed daily for cash), I thought I might tag along, so-to-speak, and see what yis are up to.

So, what are yis up to?
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Before Christmas I was contemplating running a larp around May, but then remembered that I'd be far too busy with BiCon to sit down and do so. I shelved the entire idea and backed away. But I kept the link for one proposed venue, it's a very big house in the country -

Regarding the project - I'm going to be a bit pre-occupied with BiCon between now and then, so please don't mistake my lack of input for not being interested. I do want to act, and although I can't offer huge swathes of time for script writing between now and then I am very happy to offer any/all the one-liners and retorts from jaketherake.

Or indeed the characters. :)
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my contribution

I don't want to act unless I have to, but obviously I'd like to be part of the script-writing process and also help with the practical side of production, as I did last time.

I'm not quite 100% convinced about the country house idea, but if that's what we agree to shoot, I'd be happy to help write it.And find a country house. :)
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I'm so glad we've decided to have another stab at this - Initiation was brilliant, but we need something a lot meatier to sink our teeth into this time :-)

I'm happy to offer my talents as director again, although maybe if it's a more intensive project, someone else can be holding the camera! I'd also be happy to act, so long as it isn't a main role. Think I'll leave the script-writing to the professionals though :-)

Looking forward to seeing the brain-storming!